De Vibroluxe – Cracq Magic International

Nenad Stankov, aka De Vibroluxe, likes to give himself a hard time. He’s the kind of musician who is constantly developing and working on his own original style. Influenced by jazz, funk, disco, punk, new wave and hard rock, his debut album ‘Cracq Magic International’ merges disco, funk and latin, neatly fitting under the heading of Groove.

rhodes, hammond & piano: „lo-fi financial“, „beefy ballet“, „roots boot“, „love bubbles“, „intermezzo“, „jazzed jungle“, „cracq magic international“ by w.b.ayer
vocals: micro c, xiao ling, jericho juice, „big“ john whitfield“
add percussion, hihats & ride cymbals: robert pongo
bass: pico bass
brass section:
tenor saxes: gabor bunford-buga, voja savkov
bariton sax: adam kiem
trumpet: damir bacikin
trombone: bane aksin-dzax

performed, ripped off, dragged & dropped by nenad stankov
recorded @ „the esthetic surgery studios“ vienna,
„walkman studios“ santorini and „souterrain“ novi sad

artwork by nenad stankov

„club paradise (55$/h)“ & „lo-fi financial“ contain samples from the movie „megacities“, courtesy of lotus film – vienna

artwork professional assistance and pre-editing by pedja nikolic
pc troubleshooting by achim adam, peter schöffer & w.b.ayer
mastered by dietmar „dietz“ tinhof

distributed by couch records